Lost in the Fog: Memoir of a Bastard

Rachel Van Meers wrote Lost in the Fog: Memoir of a Bastard is a Belgian who wrote her experiences of war, the Nazis, and her broken life. She was born in 1930 in Ghent, Belgium at a home for unwanted mothers. She wrote her story in a frank yet humorous and down-to-earth style. She described herself as a “bastard” who was raised during the Great Depression and saw how her family and her country were destroyed by the prejudice and politics during the World War II. She narrated how she struggled to “redefine” herself in a disorderly postwar Europe.

She remembered some experiences such as when her mother hit her very hard that she lost her hearing in one ear and named her as “nails in my coffin”. She has an aunt, who was then an aspiring sister, gave her fake money. She had an uncle who told her to steal a bike, pushed her and the bike went into the canal. But these relatives are better than her stepfather who was a violent and abusive Nazi supporter. When she had an argument with him, he sent her to the work camp in Germany and it was only when she became seriously sick after one year that she was sent back to Belgium for treatment. It was then when she was free from bitterness and her prose entitled “Belgium is two languages” depicts the coarse English of Rachel who is now living in Oregon.

This novel was written as told by Rachel Van Meers to Daniel Chase and was published in July 1, 2008 in a paperback form.